Self-isolation on Baikal

Times, as you know, do not choose …. And each time has its own distinctive characteristic. Today’s time for each of us – residents of Russia and very many countries of the world – is self-isolation. So decided many rulers of states and regions. The interim Irkutsk region issued a decree that by April 5, 2020, the entire region will switch to a self-isolation regime. “Citizens are obliged … not to leave their place of residence (stay) ..” and many, many more things they must.
Of course, everything is correct! So people keep themselves apart! But there are numerous derogations from compliance with obligations in certain circumstances in the Decree. For me, such circumstances are the impossibility of staying in an enclosed space for a long time (although not such a small apartment) and the location of my house is only 668 steps from Lake Baikal.

Dressing in a tracksuit, putting on ski boots, taking skis and poles with me, I left my apartment and quickly – quickly reached Baikal. I must say that on the way to me not a single living soul met, even the Baikal stray dogs somehow self-insulated. Moving a little off the coast, I got on my skis and pulled away on the ice. The freshness of spring, April Fools’ air was intoxicating, the sun shining in the clear blue sky caressed, and the skis themselves rolled and rolled!
After slipping about five kilometers, I looked around and was stunned – what a beauty behind me! The farther from the coast, the more you see! I did not take anything photographing with me, and no technique conveys a lively perception. I will try with words. The beauty and power of Hamar-Daban conquers! The crown of the Solzansky circus is solemn, the Trident of Porogosty is proud, the Sable and the sprawling mansion Babkhinsky ridge are framed by a snow ring. Handsomely! I stood in the middle of Lake Baikal a little dumbfounded, came to my senses.

And after all, I’ve been running, walking, watching for many years and still can’t get used to it. Always like the first time! By the way, surely the verses themselves begin to take shape in the head about being, eternity, insignificance, little things, meanings, etc. Here is such a self-isolation! Happiness is when your house is 668 steps from Lake Baikal.

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