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Rest on Baikal in 2020. The world of Baikal is diverse! This page provides the opportunity to get acquainted with Baikal nature and its inhabitants, without leaving far from home. Excursions, trips, walks. If you want something more, write to us about it.

 The ice of Baikal is truly a unique phenomenon. It combines unimaginable patterns, frozen bubbles, and its color is from transparent blue to black! Hear a crack, glide on skates, see methane bubbles, climb a mountain with a chic look! .. You can try all this on our winter tour.

Dates of the tour: February 23-29, March 3-9, March 11-17

Cost: 58 000 rub. per person.

You can see the tour program on the website

Hiking in Utulik

What to do near the house? Do you have free time, but do not want to leave the house for a long time? Take a walk around Utulik! This walk will give you physical and aesthetic pleasure. The river, characterized by its wild temper, is a favorite place of adrenaline riflers – raftingmen and coyakers. Simple picturesque paths along the Utulik River or a walk along the unpretentious streets of Utulik village to Lake Baikal will awaken you to knowledge! You can take a walk both independently and with a cheerful / joyful / sad / gentle / angry (in general, as your heart desires) guide. Who will tell in detail about nature and what still cannot be ignored while you are here.

Details and recording by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

Sights of Baikalsk

Baikalsk is located in the southern tip of Lake Baikal, which favorably affects the climate of Baikalsk. Here, winter is very snowy and mild, and in summer there is no sweltering heat, although the golden Baikal tan is very active and lasts a long time. Due to its unique climate in the territories of Baikalsk and adjacent to it, a lot of tasty, fragrant, juicy strawberries grows every year. Locals on this occasion annually hold the Victoria Festival, which presents a breathtaking amount and variation of strawberry dishes. The next uniqueness of Baikalsk is Pomegranate Beach.
Burgundy – red sand is scattered along the coast. Many man-made monuments and events also found their place in the calendar of events in the Baikal region, which are interesting to meet. Detailed information can be clarified by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

Sable Mountain

Mount Sobolinaya is the most attractive resort for outdoor activities in Eastern Siberia, as the mild climate of Baikalsk gives the resort up to 6 meters of natural snow cover. The snow here lies from November to May. People come here from young to old to ride with the breeze from the mountain, skiing or snowboarding, to test themselves in Wookiee Park. For those who are still active with “you”, there is a school of instructors at the resort, equipment rentals also work. And in summer, Sobolinaya Mountain is a gorgeous platform for contemplating the Baikal water area and the Khamar-Daban ridges from above.

Detailed information can be clarified by phone. 8 (39542) 3-32-05, +7 (395) 295-08-53

SPA - joy

After walks in the fresh air it is so pleasant to relax in the SPA, relaxation services have no seasonality and you can please yourself and loved ones all year round !. In Baikalsk, several options are presented:

  • SPA-center of Mount Sobolina, located in the recreation center “Sobolinaya”. SPA services: massages, salt cave, bathtubs (herbal, marine, bubble, bischofite), showers, cedar barrel, infrared cabin, bathhouse and sauna. Details and recording by phone 89041300160
  • Massage beds with jade rollers are located in Baikalsk, md. Builder. st. Baykalskaya, d. 13. Detailed information by phone. +7 (908) 661 7404, +7 (950) 055-83-48.
  • SDK Baikal, located in Baikalsk, microdistrict. Gagarin. The complex’s services include: swimming pool, games room, table tennis, skate rental, massage, sauna, phytobar. Detailed information +7 (904) 130-02-45.

Dog - Tracking, Sledding

If they asked me a week ago what I think about dog tracking, I would say that it is a walk along rough terrain, along a certain route with a dog tied to a belt or to some part of the body. Dogs can be different: husky, malomuti …
I was lucky to meet firsthand …. and guys … It’s fantastic! This is an indescribable childhood joy that fills you more and more in the process of dog tracking! Firstly, you simply can’t resist the good-natured, faithful, warm, woolen lumps, such vain, so cheerful! This is some kind of dog therapy! Secondly, it is easy! All that is needed is to get to the dogs. On the spot, they will tell you everything, show, introduce, and give you tea.

Details and recording by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

Horse riding

There is nothing more graceful, aesthetic, spectacular. Nothing so inspires and at the same time does not exempt from thoughts of the wounded, as the feeling that your heart beats in unison with the heart of a horse under you! .. Cutting through the air, rushing through the forest, along an inexhaustible path, feel the power and courage! You can fill yourself with all these emotions and many others by choosing a horse ride. If you are not quite a confident rider, instructors will always be there.

Details and recording by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74


Cycling is a great way to keep yourself bored! After all, on a bicycle you can get to where you’re too lazy on foot, but you can’t climb by car anymore! A two-wheeled horse will help open a new one, pump over legs, ass, arms and lungs! If you love movement, dynamics and discover something new in yourself and around you every minute, then surely a bicycle should become your passion in summer walks. Just for you, we have selected partners who appreciate ease of use, reliability and, of course, the aesthetics of performance (almost like Steve Jobs) in bicycles. When deciding on a discovery, make a decision quickly;)

Details and bike rental by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

ATVs, snowmobiles

For men – men’s occupation! Desires to get a dose of adrenaline in the blood! A typical forest ride on crowds can turn into a fascinating adventure with pulling equipment from Winch, due to snow, due to transfer to mountain rivers and, of course, because it can survive from an inexperienced gut, grassy tea with a fire . Everything is real when professionals are involved in excursions!

Details and recording by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

Water walks

Did you know that you can drink directly from Lake Baikal ?! Yes, yes, scoop up the Baikal water with a bucket from the depths from the side of the boat on a boat trip and drink to your health. But not only tourists on Baikal go for a boat trip not only for the cleanest and tastiest water. You cannot appreciate all the beauty of Lake Baikal if you have not seen it from the water. The mighty ranges of Khamar-Daban, spurs and char, thick taiga, rocky rocks … Walks can be both individual and in a group, both for an hour and for a whole day.

The most scenic route is a walk along the Circum-Baikal Railway (Circum-Baikal Railway). Such an excursion takes 3-5 hours (depending on the chosen route).

Details by tel. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

One day excursions

1. Walk to the Devil’s Finger

2. boat trip on the Circum-Baikal Railway

3. Walk to the river. Utulik

4. Excursion to the Warm Lakes (40 km)

5. Excursion to the Biosphere Reserve (70 km)

6. Arshan – the Buryat side (160 km one way)

7. Utulik alloys

Warm Lakes - 1 day tour

40 km from Baikalsk there is a unique place with its own microclimate and ecosystem. And literally after 30 minutes of departure you find yourself in the Baikal tropics! Here there grow enormous, perennial black relic poplars, ferns, mosses, lichens and other endemic plants, characteristic only of this area. Here is Lake Tale, Emerald and Dead. Here the mountains are shaped like an isosceles triangle. Here is solitude and sacrament, as in a real fairy tale. This place is beautiful at any time of the year.

Details and recording by phone. + 7-914-901-08-28, + 7-914-950-46-74

Goodies on Baikal

Pine nuts and cranberries, lingonberries and blueberries, wild garlic and ferns, strawberries and, of course, Baikal omul. Hot smoked omul, cold omul, dried omul, pressed .. you can talk about it endlessly. But to speak a little, you need to try! Berries can be tasted already on the plot near the house, but the rest will have to go on their own or to the store, or get along with an accompanying person! Of course, each season has its own goodness, so they go pineapple in September, cranberry in autumn, strawberry time – July, blueberries, lingonberries in the Baikal forests are all summer. But the collection of fern and wild garlic – in the spring.

You can join the hikes or get goodies at any time of the year, all the details by phone. +7 950 132-10-49