You have the opportunity to buy yourself or your loved ones as a gift a certificate of residence in Taezhnoye Lukoshko at any time convenient for you. Study the information on the page and start using!

Give your loved ones a vacation in Tayozhnoe Lukoshko

Do not miss an opportunity to please yourself and loved ones with pleasant emotions. Nothing is more pleasing than the opportunity to give gifts. The Taezhny Lukoshka team has developed Gift Certificates (hereinafter referred to as PS in the text) for you and your friends. There is an open certificate for you with fixed dates.

Types of certificate?

1. Open Gift Certificate (PS)

This PS has open dates, the tourist chooses them on his own and agrees by phone with the administrator of Taezhny Lukoshka.

This PS has an expiration date and is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

2. Fixed Gift Certificate (PS)

This PS is purchased on fixed dates. You choose them at your discretion, agreeing with the administrator at the time of purchase. Dates close for your arrival on demand. Dates can be moved by agreement with the administrator in case of force majeure.

This PS is disposable. If the PS did not work on its dates without a preliminary discussion of force majeure, then it is considered used, without a refund.

How to buy a certificate?

  1. Order by phone +79501321049 or +79148720798. Or send an application for a gift certificate.
    The administrator of the Tayozhnoe Lukoshko will contact you to clarify the nuances.
    Payment for the certificate.
    Sending a certificate to you by mail.

How do I use a certificate?

  1. Fixed PS: if there are no changes, then we are waiting for you on the scheduled dates.

  2. Open PS: contact the TL administrator, inform that you are the owner of an open-ended PS. State the certificate number. Book the desired free dates.

    * Certificates are cumulative, but the administrator should be aware of.

gift certificat
Сертификат Таежное Лукошко

Examples of Gift Certificate

  • Must have a “Fix” or “Open” icon,
  • Availability of a unique PS number
  • Number of days specified
  • The date of sale or the date of arrival is registered
Сертификат Таежное Лукошко