From winter to summer through spring

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Spring on Baikal, as well as on the rest of our vast planet, is a transition from winter to summer. The Siberian spring is distinguished, perhaps, from the European, Eastern, American spring by contrast. Indeed, Siberia is characterized by “crackling” frosts at 40 degrees and hot, also sometimes at 40 degrees, heat. But on South Baikal, and more precisely on our shore, everything is not the same as for the most part in Siberia. We are moving from mild, snow-white-fluffy, not at all frosty winters to brightly saturated pleasantly cool greens.

And this whole transition is accompanied by the flowering of delicate Siberian flowers: pink wild rosemary and cream rosemary, Baikal anemone, cold primroses, frying or swimsuits, yellow and violet shoots or snowdrops. All of them are so tender and elegant that you admit: “How great the Creator is, after all, he is capable of such Perfection!” Enjoying such beauty, people simply cannot but change for the better. They, I think, without even realizing everything, strive to become more beautiful.

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